The Best 3 Free Business Name Generator Options to Use

Online Store Name Ideas

You can’t find a proper name for your business? Take a look at these 3 best and free business name generator options you can use to generate new ideas and find an inspiration!


Business name generators are great, can you agree with us? If you are having troubles finding a proper name for your business, these tools can come to your rescue and provide you with hundreds of potential name ideas you can use as inspiration for naming your business.

There are different business name generators on the market and they usually have different approaches when it comes to finding a proper list of business names, but this is because there are different types of generators: business specific generators, random generators, domain name generators, input dependent generators, and much more. Each generator has its own purpose and depending on your needs and preferences you can choose the generator that suits you the most.

In this article, we are going to present you the best free business name generator options you can use:


  1. Syntext – This is a random generator that will help you find a name in just a few clicks. You need to enter words that relate to your business, search for synonyms, combine the words, and the tool will come up with a unique name for your business. You will be provided with a list of names you can click on and see if the name is available.
  2. Name Thingy – This is a domain name generator that can help you search for a random name that can be used for different purposes. NameThingy will help you find a name for your online store and see if there is an available domain as well. You can specify the type of word you need in terms of length.
  3. BizNameWiz – This is probably the simplest name generator of all name generators on the market. All you have to do is enter one or two words and you will be provided with a list of possible names. You can also check domain name availability. BizNameWiz gives you alternatives which is great if you are still uncertain about the name you want to use for your store. If you like more than one name, you can create a list of names, which you can open every time you want to see the names you like the most and maybe make a combination out of them.

These 3 free business name generator options are great for finding new and fresh name ideas!