How to Come Up with Fresh & New Online Store Name Ideas

Online Store Name Ideas

Having troubles finding the right name for your ecommerce store? Read and discover how to come up with fresh and new online store name ideas.


You just started your online business? Well, good for you! If you already know the type of products you are going to sell online if you have written your business plan, there is just one more thing to do before you present your online store to the world – you need to come up with the perfect online store name.

A lot of people have troubles finding the right name for their store. Most of the names are already taken and sometimes it is really hard to come up with a unique online store name you can use for years to come. Luckily for you and for all those people who are having troubles finding the perfect name for their ecommerce store, we have found a solution.


Keep reading this article, and you will find out how to come up with fresh and new online store name ideas that will inspire you to find the best name for your online business. All you have to do is answer these questions:


  • What do your new ecommerce store and brand specialize in? Mention your industry and your business niche.
  • What is unique about your business? Why will people purchase your products or services?
  • What type of products or services do you offer? What about the quality of the products and services you offer?
  • Why should people buy your products over the products of your competitors? What is different about the products you sell?
  • Who are your target people? How to determine the target group?
  • Is there a way your online store, your ecommerce business or brand to be known somehow in the industry? Do you want to be known as a high-quality seller, secure store, fun seller, modern design or maybe something else?
  • What do you want your customers to think of your business?


It is really important to answer all of these questions as this will help you stimulate your creative juices and come up with great online store name ideas. Once you will answer all questions, you can open online name generators and try to find possible names that will suit your business, your ecommerce store or the products and services you are selling.

You can’t expect to find the perfect name for your store in a few hours. There are a lot of research, analysis, and hard work that have to be done, in order to find the right store name!

Have fun!